I quit nail polish


I’m not 100% sure how to react when people show me their freshly painted nails. They glorify it and makes it seem harmless. I want to tell everybody what I’ve learned. But I don’t. Not that I’m uncertain about my decision, it’s the direct opposite actually. I’m afraid to come across as too harsh or judgemental and that people will hate me. Yes. Sadly.

Around the end of last year I threw away my nail polish. I had decluttered my collection before, but this time it was about getting rid of everything. I didn’t have one of these enlightening moment, unfortunately, where I reached this conclusion. I finally let my thoughts take place and that was it. We need to listen to ourselves.

It’s this simple: I care for myself. My worth is way beyond bottles packed with chemicals. How can you claim to love yourself and still breathe and put this stuff on your body? I know that you are precious and deserve better. We all do. Think about it.

But it’s just dead skin? Exactly what I thought (or wanted to believe), it turns out that these harsh chemicals ends up directly in the body and the organs. Not a big surprise really.

I found an article about it but it’s up to you to be critical and do some research for yourself. I have watched a few youtube videos on the subject as well.

Yes, Chemicals In Nail Polish Can Leach Into Your Body

I can’t leave out all the other wonderful benefits I experience now:

》more free time! no more painting, storing bottles, removing the nail polish (puh!)
》healthiest nails ever! they are so strong!
》I never worry whether the polish will stay on
》I’m saving tons of money from not “having to” buy polish I wouldn’t even use up

Of course there are toxic free polishes but from a minimalistic perspective going completely nailpolish free is way more convenient. I don’t have to bother at all.

Do you use nailpolish? Do you agree/disagree?

I quit nail polish

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