A minimalist’s collection| jewelry


I don’t own much jewelry. Actually it was one of the hardest things to declutter but now I even consider getting rid of everything. I don’t own any rings or bracelets because I like to keep my hands free. The only reason I’m keeping a few earrings and necklaces is to be able to dress up when I “need” it. I’m still not sure if I will keep it like this or downsize even more. 

The necklace with a heart is in gold and a gift from my grandma. I got a heart necklace for my christening and a cross necklace for my confirmation. I’m not religious at all so I kept the chain from my confirmation and the heart from my christening and combined it to one necklace. It has a lot of sentimental value especially since my grandma passed away right before she got the chance to see my confirmation and give it to me.

The other necklace is a confirmation gift as well. It’s in silver and I think it’s so beautiful, simple and elegant. Probably the last piece of jewelry I would get rid of. Silver is definitely my favourite metal.

The earrings in gold were a gift from my parents for my 15th birthday. I like how subtle yet pretty they are.

Finally, the earrings with topaz and diamonds in white gold were a gift from my grandma as well.

As you may have noticed, every single item was a gift in any way and everything is good quality. I didn’t keep all the cheap jewelry I bought over the years. I don’t think it’s necessary to have expensive jewelry I just chose to keep a few pieces with good quality rather than having a lot of things I didn’t use.

It took me over a year to simplify my “collection” this much. I still find it hard to declutter even more although I would like to. (but it’s not much left to declutter, right?) I feel it would be stupid to give away something expensive because it’s harder to replace. Most of it has a lot of sentimental value. Note that you should never downsize for the sake of doing it. I do not mean that you can’t keep sentimental items.

Do you also find it hard to declutter jewelry? Leave a comment!

A minimalist’s collection| jewelry

2 thoughts on “A minimalist’s collection| jewelry

  1. Anna says:

    Inte alls då jag endast äger två par guldörhängen, några guldringar, en guldkedja som jag hela tiden har på mig samt ett två guldarmband, ett tunt och ett tjockare. Båda dessa var presenter. Har aldrig gillat att ha på mig massa smycken och därför aldrig köpt diverse billiga a la h&m. De få jag äger är i bra kvalité och räcker gott och väl. Ett par av örhängena är guldpärlor, exakta som dina på bilden.

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