A minimalist’s collection| makeup


A usual day I wear no makeup.

I know every single minimalist says this; I used to have so much makeup. I don’t mean that every minimalist used to have “so much makeup” but that we keep comparing what we own now vs. what we used to own. Do you identify? I do and I believe it can be a good thing when used for motivation to go further on your minimalism journey.

I went from doing my makeup every single day to only using it on special occasions. I don’t want to spend so much time of my life making myself “pretty” according to society’s standards. It’s rather about how I view myself and I constantly revalue what really matters. And feeling just as beautiful without makeup as I do with is extremely important.

Both mascara and foundation are vegan. The eyeliner is not, which I also use for the eyebrows, because I bought it before going vegan. I won’t go in-depth on that I just want to say that minimalism has such a strong connection with veganism and the attitude to care about the environment and those around you. It was the natural approach for me. I chose to keep the non-vegan products since the harm is already done.

I use coconut oil as makeup remover. Some use lighter oils on their face to prevent breakouts. This works for me and the benefits are countless- it’s completely natural and the area of use is big. Although I haven’t gone fully makeup free, to a great extent I try to put as little harmful things on my body as I can.

What is your outlook on makeup and its connection to minimalism?

A minimalist’s collection| makeup

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