A minimalist’s collection| what’s in my bag


The best thing with owning a single bag for everything (I do have a backpack for school) is that you’re never in the constant need of transferring stuff. I would constantly forget things in different places when switching bags. Now I take my bag, walk out the door.

Want to hear the magic recipe for that? Declutter. Perhaps easier said than done but for me I no longer consider lipstick, hair accessories or old receipts as essentials. Say “bring only what you need”, but what do you really need anyways?

I’d say go for it and give it a try! Try leaving a few things at home. Next time, you might declutter even more. I did it in steps and that made me feel confident as I never took a “huge chance”, meaning I would stand there needing something I didn’t bring for the sake of decluttering. The first day I left out one thing, next day another thing and so on. Well I’m not implying that it was an organized process… because it wasn’t. I’m simply trying to tell you about the mindset I had; taking one step at a time.

What’s not included in the picture:

》My bus card


》(My card but the money represents it)

What do you carry around on a daily basis? Do you have a bag for it? Leave a comment and tell me. I’d definitely survive without a bag but I don’t always have pockets and I prefer to keep my hands free.

A minimalist’s collection| what’s in my bag

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