I quit nail polish


I’m not 100% sure how to react when people show me their freshly painted nails. They glorify it and makes it seem harmless. I want to tell everybody what I’ve learned. But I don’t. Not that I’m uncertain about my decision, it’s the direct opposite actually. I’m afraid to come across as too harsh or judgemental and that people will hate me. Yes. Sadly.

Around the end of last year I threw away my nail polish. I had decluttered my collection before, but this time it was about getting rid of everything. I didn’t have one of these enlightening moment, unfortunately, where I reached this conclusion. I finally let my thoughts take place and that was it. We need to listen to ourselves.

It’s this simple: I care for myself. My worth is way beyond bottles packed with chemicals. How can you claim to love yourself and still breathe and put this stuff on your body? I know that you are precious and deserve better. We all do. Think about it.

But it’s just dead skin? Exactly what I thought (or wanted to believe), it turns out that these harsh chemicals ends up directly in the body and the organs. Not a big surprise really.

I found an article about it but it’s up to you to be critical and do some research for yourself. I have watched a few youtube videos on the subject as well.

Yes, Chemicals In Nail Polish Can Leach Into Your Body

I can’t leave out all the other wonderful benefits I experience now:

》more free time! no more painting, storing bottles, removing the nail polish (puh!)
》healthiest nails ever! they are so strong!
》I never worry whether the polish will stay on
》I’m saving tons of money from not “having to” buy polish I wouldn’t even use up

Of course there are toxic free polishes but from a minimalistic perspective going completely nailpolish free is way more convenient. I don’t have to bother at all.

Do you use nailpolish? Do you agree/disagree?

I quit nail polish

A minimalist’s collection| jewelry


I don’t own much jewelry. Actually it was one of the hardest things to declutter but now I even consider getting rid of everything. I don’t own any rings or bracelets because I like to keep my hands free. The only reason I’m keeping a few earrings and necklaces is to be able to dress up when I “need” it. I’m still not sure if I will keep it like this or downsize even more. 

The necklace with a heart is in gold and a gift from my grandma. I got a heart necklace for my christening and a cross necklace for my confirmation. I’m not religious at all so I kept the chain from my confirmation and the heart from my christening and combined it to one necklace. It has a lot of sentimental value especially since my grandma passed away right before she got the chance to see my confirmation and give it to me.

The other necklace is a confirmation gift as well. It’s in silver and I think it’s so beautiful, simple and elegant. Probably the last piece of jewelry I would get rid of. Silver is definitely my favourite metal.

The earrings in gold were a gift from my parents for my 15th birthday. I like how subtle yet pretty they are.

Finally, the earrings with topaz and diamonds in white gold were a gift from my grandma as well.

As you may have noticed, every single item was a gift in any way and everything is good quality. I didn’t keep all the cheap jewelry I bought over the years. I don’t think it’s necessary to have expensive jewelry I just chose to keep a few pieces with good quality rather than having a lot of things I didn’t use.

It took me over a year to simplify my “collection” this much. I still find it hard to declutter even more although I would like to. (but it’s not much left to declutter, right?) I feel it would be stupid to give away something expensive because it’s harder to replace. Most of it has a lot of sentimental value. Note that you should never downsize for the sake of doing it. I do not mean that you can’t keep sentimental items.

Do you also find it hard to declutter jewelry? Leave a comment!

A minimalist’s collection| jewelry

A minimalist’s collection| makeup


A usual day I wear no makeup.

I know every single minimalist says this; I used to have so much makeup. I don’t mean that every minimalist used to have “so much makeup” but that we keep comparing what we own now vs. what we used to own. Do you identify? I do and I believe it can be a good thing when used for motivation to go further on your minimalism journey.

I went from doing my makeup every single day to only using it on special occasions. I don’t want to spend so much time of my life making myself “pretty” according to society’s standards. It’s rather about how I view myself and I constantly revalue what really matters. And feeling just as beautiful without makeup as I do with is extremely important.

Both mascara and foundation are vegan. The eyeliner is not, which I also use for the eyebrows, because I bought it before going vegan. I won’t go in-depth on that I just want to say that minimalism has such a strong connection with veganism and the attitude to care about the environment and those around you. It was the natural approach for me. I chose to keep the non-vegan products since the harm is already done.

I use coconut oil as makeup remover. Some use lighter oils on their face to prevent breakouts. This works for me and the benefits are countless- it’s completely natural and the area of use is big. Although I haven’t gone fully makeup free, to a great extent I try to put as little harmful things on my body as I can.

What is your outlook on makeup and its connection to minimalism?

A minimalist’s collection| makeup

A minimalist’s collection| what’s in my bag


The best thing with owning a single bag for everything (I do have a backpack for school) is that you’re never in the constant need of transferring stuff. I would constantly forget things in different places when switching bags. Now I take my bag, walk out the door.

Want to hear the magic recipe for that? Declutter. Perhaps easier said than done but for me I no longer consider lipstick, hair accessories or old receipts as essentials. Say “bring only what you need”, but what do you really need anyways?

I’d say go for it and give it a try! Try leaving a few things at home. Next time, you might declutter even more. I did it in steps and that made me feel confident as I never took a “huge chance”, meaning I would stand there needing something I didn’t bring for the sake of decluttering. The first day I left out one thing, next day another thing and so on. Well I’m not implying that it was an organized process… because it wasn’t. I’m simply trying to tell you about the mindset I had; taking one step at a time.

What’s not included in the picture:

》My bus card


》(My card but the money represents it)

What do you carry around on a daily basis? Do you have a bag for it? Leave a comment and tell me. I’d definitely survive without a bag but I don’t always have pockets and I prefer to keep my hands free.

A minimalist’s collection| what’s in my bag

The avocado toast| thoughts on minimalism


I’ve read several articles saying millennials should save their money to become millionaires instead of buying avocado toast. I’m not writing this because I happen to love avocado. I’m saying no to money as the ultimate way of happiness.

Some of us know that being rich is no sustainable way of finding joy in everyday life. Some of us have a greater goal in life than to achieve material heaven. Many of us.

This is not about avocado toast.

Yes, spending much money on food will leave little left to buy a house and a car. If you’re not already extremely rich. But that’s with everything, we need to make priorities and not everybody’s needs are the same.  We don’t need to make the same choices, but the ones we make need to be conscious.

Minimalism, for me, applies in food too. That means I will not spend a crazy amount of money on it but first and foremost it means I will eat food with good quality. It is okay to spend a little extra if that means I get a healthier option and for me it has to be vegan. Most of the times it’s actually the opposite- buying healthy is way cheaper. At least where I live and if you look at a greater perspective, living a healthy lifestyle without doctors and medicines, is always inexpensive.

I don’t ultimately live for money. I won’t spend my time working for the next great purchase. I aspire to live in the moment and maybe that means I won’t ever get to opportunity to drive the fanciest car. Or any car at all, I don’t mind.

Do you?

The avocado toast| thoughts on minimalism

How I became a minimalist as a teenager


Hi, and welcome!

I tried to figure out the perfect way to commence this blog. But I had to write something and it wouldn’t be perfect no matter what. That’s okay with me. My values have changed drastically over a very short amount of time. I want to share a bit of how much my life has changed through minimalism and just perhaps inspire someone else? Okay I will dig right into it.

Not so long ago I hadn’t even developed the thought of blogging about minimalism. Yeah, short before that I didn’t even know what minimalism was.

I am a teenage girl, turned 16 this year. The age might not be significant, although I believe it plays a big part. For instance, I am thankful for discovering minimalism before getting the chance to move out of my parents’ house. I’m talking about debt and poor investments. Had I moved out a year ago I would have lived quite an ordinary life. I don’t want that.

Turn back time about three years. In my dairy, which I no longer have, I wrote something like this to myself: “Promise me one thing. Have a big closet. Life is too short to wear ugly clothes.” I did not have that mindset all the time, but it showed quite well my priorities in life. Embarrassing. I never had much money if you compare to the other kids at school. I know now that I had everything I needed and more. I’ve always tried to feel happy, carefree and peaceful using different methods. Like most people I turned to material stuff, or more correct, the dream of material stuff. I would imagine how to spend my money once I earned my own, what my apartment would look like and making lists of things to buy. Then I tried to find peace in organizing my things, cleaning my room and constantly rearranging what I owned. It was tiring but for a while I thought it was the ultimate way to be happy. Organizing and letting everything have its own place. No. I was wrong.

Eventually I’d get exhausted from trying to maintain a clean look in my room. I compare it to how I was feeling at the time. I looked happy but inside I was lifeless. My room looked neat but behind that was drawers hiding crap and time used in a way I wasn’t content with. I knew I had to do something but what? I decided to only buy things with good quality. Then I didn’t see the point of keeping what did not make me happy. Now something really started happening. This was about a year ago. I don’t remember the exact time but oh I remember the feeling. The feeling of finding a way to live your life, for the rest of your life. But I didn’t know about minimalism, yet.

I searched all over the internet for something that told me I could be equally as happy without buying things. I wanted confirmation on my theory that it was okay to go the other way- owning less. A few days later “decluttering” and “minimalism” was all I could think about. (Yeah I still think a lot about minimalism for that matter…) It took me a year to get where I am today. I constantly figured I was done decluttering when I stood there again with three full bags ready to be given to charity. If it’s something I have learned is it that you never know where you end up so be sure to always have an open mind.

Now I am in a place where I don’t own much and my drawers and furniture are pretty much empty. Even so, I could declutter a total of seven things yesterday! I can’t believe I’m so fortunate to live my life like this. I am truly lucky. Every morning I wake up with a positive outlook on the day, tons of ambitions and I’m ready to fight for myself and others. I make sure everything I do is meaningful to me and sustainable for the environment, everything from watching a movie or making important choices. I can say “I love myself”. I went from an actual depression to feeling good even on my worst days.

Because somewhere in the back of my mind I know that everything is going to be alright.

How I became a minimalist as a teenager